It has been one month since I “officially” launched my blog.  Since then, I’ve had several family members and friends reach out to see what they can do to be supportive of my new adventure.  Below, you will find a list of five easy ways you can support your favorite bloggers.

easy and free ways to support your favorite bloggers

5 Easy Ways to Support Your Favorite Bloggers

1- Follow Them On Social Media

One of the easiest ways to support your favorite blogger is by following them on social media.  It’s as simple as hitting the Follow Button on their social media accounts.  Most bloggers link their social media accounts right on their website so that they are easy to find.

Not all bloggers care about their number of followers and that’s absolutely okay.  However, some brands only want to work with people who have large followings so if you know someone who is a blogger, be sure and hit the follow button.

If you want, you can follow me on Instagram and Pinterest!


2- Engagement

We love being able to connect and share our journey and ideas with our followers.  After you start following a blogger, you can continue to support them by engaging with them and their audience.  On social media, this means that you like and comment on their posts.   With the algorithms of social media, if you don’t engage by liking or commenting on posts, you will actually no longer see their posts.  So be sure to stop scrolling and hit the like button.

Many bloggers use their social media to ask their followers questions.  If they do, take a few seconds and send them a quick response.  The feedback that you give helps them create content that their followers want to read.


3- Share Their Blog Posts

When you share blog posts, you are giving the blogger’s content a chance to be seen by an entirely new audience and helping them gain potential new followers.  If you like it, be sure to share it.  You never know who you will be helping in the process.


4- Sign Up For Their Newsletter

Many bloggers send out newsletters to connect with their readers on a more intimate level.  Newsletters are a great way for bloggers to share their latest content, host giveaways, and share FREE printables and resources with those who subscribe.


5- Shop Through Their Affiliate Links

One way that bloggers make money is through affiliate links.  They work with companies by sharing links of their favorite products with their readers.  If you like a product that you see on their website, click on it, and make the purchase through their affiliate link instead of purchasing it from somewhere else.

It’s important to note that many affiliate links are often only good for 24 hours.  You must make a purchase within 24 hours after clicking on the link and you cannot click any outside links, otherwise, the blogger will not get credit for the sale.

But what if the blogger isn’t promoting any products that you need?  The good news is that you can still help.

Even if you don’t need anything that your favorite blogger is promoting, you can still use their affiliate links.  You simply click on any of their links, add the items that you need to your cart and purchase them.  The blogger will earn a small commission from the sale of items you added to your cart after clicking their link.


There you have it.

Five free and easy ways to support bloggers.

Behind every great blog is someone who is passionate about writing and wants to help others by sharing their content.  These steps are simple ways that you can show support and encouragement to your favorite bloggers.  They will appreciate it more than you will ever know.


Love & Blessings,



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