As a health-conscious mama, candy was never something that I wanted to introduce to my children.  Over the years, I’ve gotten pretty creative in what to add to our plastic Easter eggs.  This list has something for everyone, including babies, young children, teens, and adults.  I hope you enjoy this list of candy-free Easter egg fillers.

no candy easter egg fillers

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70 Egg-Citing Candy-Free Easter Egg Fillers

My favorite things about this list are that it doesn’t involve food or treats of any kind, which makes almost all of it allergy-friendly.  As a food allergy parent, finding fun and exciting candy-free Easter egg fillers is so important.  I also love that almost all of these items are practical and will actually get used, instead of just tossed aside and added to your child’s growing collection of “junk”.  Most of these items will fit in regular size Easter eggs, but some of them will be too big, so you will need to grab some larger plastic eggs.

For Baby/Toddler

  1. Pacifier
  2. Pacifier/ Teether Clip
  3. No Scratch Mittens- We love Lou Lou & Company.  They are incredibly soft!
  4. Hat
  5. Headbands
  6. Travel Size Sunscreen, Baby Wash, Butt Cream
  7. Amber/Crystal Necklaces

For Children

  1. Marbles
  2. Gift Certificates
  3. Mini Play-Doh
  4. Thinking Putty
  5. Slime
  6. Silly Putty
  7. Barbie Clothes
  8. Doll Clothes
  9. Legos
  10. Keychain
  11. Wikki Stix
  12. Mini Animals
  13. Mini Dinosaurs
  14. Stress Balls
  15. Chalk
  16. Crayons
  17. Fun Bandaids
  18. Mini Nail Polish
  19. Mini Bubbles
  20. Fun Socks
  21. Army Men
  22. Nerf Darts
  23. Matchbox Cars
  24. Pull-Back Race Cars
  25. Stickers
  26. Tattoos
  27. Gems
  28. Art Supplies like Glitter, Paint, Pom Poms, Sequins, Foam Pieces, etc.
  29. Fidget Toys
  30. Hair Clips
  31. Stretchy Hair Bands
  32. Barrettes
  33. Stampers
  34. Crystals
  35. Bouncy Balls
  36. Chapstick
  37. Trading Cards
  38. Money
  39. Watch
  40. Flashlight Keychains
  41. Hand Sanitizer
  42. Mini Lotion
  43. Art Kits
  44. Whistle
  45. Earrings
  46. Necklaces
  47. Bracelets
  48. Beads
  49. Seashells
  50. Charms

For Teens

  1. Ear Buds
  2. Money
  3. Chapstick
  4. Gift Certificates
  5. Pocket Knife
  6. Homemade Coupons
  7. Watch
  8. Self Defense Alarm Keychain/ Pepper Spray
  9. Jewelry
  10. Keychain
  11. Nail Polish
  12. Mini Lotion
  13. Bath Bombs
  14. Fun Socks
  15. Flashlight Keychain
  16. Makeup
  17. Hand Sanitizer
  18. Hair Ties
  19. Crystals

For Adults

  1. Essential Oils
  2. Mini Liquor Bottle
  3. Flash Drive
  4. SD Card
  5. Jewelry
  6. Watch
  7. Nail Polish
  8. Mini Lotion
  9. Hand Sanitizer
  10. Makeup
  11. Fun Socks
  12. Self Defense Alarm Keychain/ Pepper Spray
  13. Flower/ Plant Seeds
  14. Swiss Army Pocket Knife
  15. Gift Certificates
  16. Money
  17. Homemade Coupons
  18. Crystals
  19. Water Packets
  20. Ketones
  21. Electrolytes
  22. Instant Coffee/ Tea Packets
  23. Chapstick

I hope that you enjoyed this list of candy-free Easter egg fillers.  If you’re looking for an educational Easter egg hunt idea for toddlers and preschoolers, be sure to check out this blog post.

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