Pregnant Woman's Belly

About Me

Hi, I’m Meg!  I am a God loving, proud police wife, mama to two incredible little ladies and dog mom to a sweet but overly friendly goldendoodle.  Together, we dream of owning a homestead with lots of land to raise our family on.    

Why Start a Blog?

For as long as I can remember, I have loved to read and write.  I believe that stories have the power to take us to faraway lands and writing is therapeutic.  It’s an outlet that allows me to share my thoughts, feelings and creativity in a more personal manner.  

In fifth grade my love for writing really flourished and my Grandmother was my biggest fan.  She had always wanted to write and illustrate a children’s book and she encouraged me to do the same.  My stories were her favorite.  Some made her laugh, others made her cry, and many of them took her to faraway lands.  

Fast forward to motherhood, I found myself alone with my thoughts, a lot.  I had so many questions about natural pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, health issues, food allergies, natural living, meal planning and new ways to entertain children.  The internet provided a wealth of knowledge at my fingertips and reassured me that I wasn’t alone in the way that I wanted to raise my family.  I connected with so many like-minded moms who will never truly know how much their words impacted my life. 

I want to be with my girls each day and not have to feel that gut-wrenching heartache of leaving them to go to a job that I don’t love (side note- that feeling has never gone away for me, even after almost four years).  I have been saying for years that I don’t want to work outside of the home but I also want to help provide for my family financially.  

Is it possible to do both?  The internet is full of ways to make money online but blogging is the one that really touched my heart.  With my love of writing and helping others, it only made sense to give it a shot.  I’ve put my heart and soul into this adventure and I’m still unsure exactly where it is going to take me.  But, if I end up helping a fraction of mothers who continue to help me through their blogs, then I consider it a success worth writing home about.    

My grandmother is no longer here, but I know that she would be encouraging me every step of the way.  She taught me that the best things in life are worth fighting for.  I hope that I can make her proud and would love to write a children’s book in her honor someday.

On a typical day,

You will find me sipping on iced coffee while chasing my little ones around.  I have been blessed with a hard-working husband and am able to stay home with our girls most of the time.  It has been such a blessing for all of us.  I can’t imagine having to miss out on all of the little moments that make each day a little magical.  

Ever since I can remember, I wanted to be a mom and the day my daughter was born, my dreams came true.  It was a moment that I knew would change me but I never in my wildest dreams thought it would change my entire being.  Pregnancy and motherhood have truly changed my outlook on life.  I strive to be better, because they deserve the very best of me.  


I truly believe that motherhood is the hardest journey that you will ever endure.  It is a constant path of winding discovery.  We are always learning new things about our children and the world around us.  It’s full of stress, anxiety and fear but also the most intense love that you will ever know.  All of the hard moments are truly worth the pure joy that being a mommy brings.  

My goal is to help you save time and money so that you can spend more time doing the things that you love most.  I want to help you create a more meaningful life amidst the chaos by providing you with nurturing advice, creativity, resources and inspiration.  

Things I Love

I love spending time with my family and going on adventures outdoors.  Flowers, butterflies and gardening are a few of my favorite things.  I am passionate about keeping my family healthy and freeing our home of toxins and waste.  I love getting lost in a good book (Harry Potter is still my all-time favorite series) and music is good for my soul.  I’m a review junkie and can’t pass up a good deal when I see it.  I enjoy tapping into my creative side and doing arts and crafts with my girls but one of my biggest joys is creating masterpieces in the kitchen.  My cooking and baking skills are NO WHERE near Guys Grocery Game level, but I find cooking therapeutic and if my family enjoys it, then it’s a win in my book.  Welcome to my little corner of the internet.  I’m so excited to share some of our favorite things with you.