So many things have changed this year, including whether or not it’s safe to go trick or treating.  Regardless of where you stand on the issue, many communities have canceled their community events, which leaves many parents asking the question, how can we celebrate Halloween during covid without trick or treating?

I’ve heard so many people say that our children are missing out by not being able to trick or treat this year.  I want to remind parents that Halloween is so much more than trick or treating.  It’s easier said than done, but I encourage you to try and find the good opportunities that this year has presented us with instead of focusing on all of the losses.

This year definitely looks different, but it’s the perfect opportunity to create lasting memories with our families and perhaps our children will even look back one day and remember how special this Halloween was because it was different than years past.  Here are a few ways that you can celebrate Halloween during covid.

safe alternatives to trick or treating

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Fun Ways To Celebrate Halloween During Covid


1- Visit Family & Close Friends

As an alternative to going door to door, visit with close family and friends instead.  Growing up, this is how we went trick or treating.  We lived out in the country and would drive to visit family instead of going door to door in town and we’ve carried on this tradition with our own children and they love it.  The grandparents really enjoy seeing the little ones in their costumes and they often have more than just traditional candy so it’s an added bonus to get a few more fun items that they wouldn’t get going door to door.


2- Boo! Someone

The idea of getting “boo-ed” has been around for quite some time.  It simply means that someone secretly gives someone else goodies.  You can do this with your neighbors, friends, family, and even your own children are sure to love this idea!  Plan ahead and secretly boo your neighbor’s children sometime during the day on Halloween and they can do the same for your children.  You could even have your children set their Trick or Treat Buckets on your doorstep and have someone come and secretly fill them, similar to how stockings are filled at Christmas time.  If you don’t have neighbors or family nearby, you can do the boo-ing yourself.  If you’re looking for fun Halloween items that would make great goodie bag treats for children of all ages, be sure to check out the list in this post!

Parents, you can join in on the fun by boo-ing your neighbors with their favorite snacks and drinks.  Who wouldn’t love a little basket of goodies left on their doorstep?!


3- Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Set up a Halloween scavenger hunt around your house or even in your neighborhood so friends and neighbors can join in.  If you choose to set one up in your neighborhood, you can post clues far enough apart so that families can still social distance if they wish.  At the end of the hunt, you can have prize items spread out so that each child can take one without touching all of the others.  Be sure to tell everyone to wear their costumes for some added fun.

You could use glow sticks to have an extra spooky, nighttime scavenger hunt.  These mini ones will fit perfectly in these orange plastic eggs.  You could draw faces on them to make them look more like jack-o-lanterns.  Put some candy or small trinkets in the eggs, along with the glow sticks, and hide them at night for your children to find.


4- Dress Up in Costumes

Dress up in your costumes and have a silly or spooky Halloween photoshoot.  You can use some props like these and a fun background to spice things up.  The whole family can join in and will love sharing the photos for years to come.  Don’t forget to send them to family and friends.


5- Costume Parade

Ask your neighbors and friends to join in on a costume parade.  Children will love parading around the neighborhood in their costumes while adults toss candy and other goodies to them.  Grab your bikes, wagons, strollers, and power wheels to make it even more fun.


6- Community Events

Check with your local library and other businesses.  Although trick or treating has been canceled in many areas, some businesses have planned alternatives that are safe but still lots of fun.  We recently went to a fun scavenger hunt at a local library.  It was engaging for the children and they got to take home a small pumpkin, book, and a treat.  I know several churches and groups in our area who are getting creative by hosting drive-thru trunk or treats and allowing people to pick up goodie bags.  You might be surprised at what opportunities are available near you.


7- Family Fun Day

Instead of trick or treating, plan a fun-filled day with your family at home.  This is how we have been celebrating Halloween since having children and it is so much fun!  It’s something that we look forward to it every year.

You can start by decorating the house so your children have something exciting to wake up to.  A spooky table display and some Halloween activities are perfect for keeping little ones busy while you make breakfast.  You can liven up your meals and snacks by creating festive Halloween themed foods to eat.  After breakfast, everyone can get ready for the day by putting on their costumes and wearing them all day long.

Throughout the day, plan fun Halloween themed crafts and activities like this one.  Younger children will love playing in a spooky sensory bin, listening to Halloween songs, and having a dance party.  Bobbing for apples, painting, and carving pumpkins are all perfect Halloween activities that children of all ages will enjoy.  If you’re planning on carving pumpkins, you can use this Pumpkin Prayer to help teach your children about God’s love for us while you carve them.  I love that it adds even more meaning to such a fun Halloween tradition.

Don’t forget to save the pumpkin seeds and bake them.  They are perfect to snack on while watching a Halloween movie together.  You can end the day by tossing a few glow sticks into the tub and having a spooky bath, which your kids are sure to love!  After bathtime, snuggle up in your Halloween jammies and read Halloween themed books together.  We love this one and this one.

When you plan fun activities throughout the day, your kids honestly won’t even have time to miss trick or treating.  They might even ask to have a family fun day every year!  My FREEBIE Library has some fun Halloween coloring pages for you to download and print.   You can also find all of our Halloween themed crafts and activities that we’ve done this year by following me on Instagram and Facebook.


As you can see, there are so many special ways for your family to celebrate Halloween during covid.  If we change the way that we look at this situation and make it into a fun, family opportunity, our children will look at it in a positive light as well.  Try to remember that they aren’t missing out this Halloween; they are gaining so much more.  More time to learn and explore, more time to have deep conversations, and more time to slow down and spend quality time together.

Wishing you all a safe, happy, and healthy Halloween!

Love & Blessings,




safe alternatives to trick or treating

If you are planning on trick or treating this year, be sure to check out this post about how you can safely include all children in your Halloween festivities.

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