Fall is my favorite time of the year.  There’s something about leggings, cozy sweaters, crisp mornings, 70-degree afternoons, and pumpkins everywhere that makes my heart happy.  The colors of the leaves and the aroma of comfort foods baking brings joy that the whole family can appreciate.

Fall is also the start of many of our favorite family traditions, including apple picking.  We enjoy visiting an orchard with family and friends and spending a couple of hours picking delicious apples.

As a mom who loves doing themed crafts with my little ones, painting with apples sounded like a neat idea that both of my girls love.

There are so many things fun fall pictures you can create when you’re painting with apples such as trees with different colored apple leaves and baskets of apples.  We like to turn our apple painting into a pumpkin patch and paint faces on them to make jack-o-lanterns.

It’s the perfect decoration for fall and Halloween.  Be sure to add your child’s name and the date so that you can cherish their artwork for years to come.  You can even laminate the card stock or create the prints on canvas for more durability.

Halloween crafts for kids

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Painting With Apples

This apple painting craft is really simple and is perfect for apple, fall, Halloween, and pumpkin themes.

Halloween crafts for kids    Halloween crafts for kids

What You Will Need

Apple, cut in half (without the core)


Orange Paint

Paper Plate or Paint Dish

Markers (I prefer Sharpies because they show up well over the paint)

Canvas or Cardstock

supplies for pumpkin apple painting

How To Create Your Pumpkin Painting With Apples

Halloween crafts for kids

Painting with apples is really easy.

Start by adding your paint to a paper plate or paint dish.  In order to make the apple easier to handle, stick a fork about halfway into it.  This will be your handle.

Dip the apple into the paint and firmly press onto the canvas or cardstock.  Continue until you have created the desired number of pumpkins.

Allow your pumpkin apple painting to dry.

Once it is completely dried, you can draw faces, stems, leaves, vines, and whatever else you would like to add to your apple painting.

Halloween crafts for kids    Halloween crafts for kids

Voila! Your masterpiece is complete!

Halloween crafts for kids   Halloween crafts for kids


Happy Fall Ya’ll!  I hope your child enjoys painting with apples and that you cherish their artwork for years to come.  If you’re looking for more fun Halloween traditions, be sure to check out this post about carving pumpkins.


Love & Blessings,


Halloween crafts for kids

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